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Telemedicine services in Austin, Tx

Healthcare at your fingertips

Telemedicine helps you stay in touch with your doctor, regardless of the circumstances. Whether you’re out of town, too sick to travel, or have other obligations that prevent you from visiting the office, telemedicine provides a great solution. With options for direct messaging, phone calls, and home visits, we provide timely access primary care for our members at ATX Wellness Co. in Austin, Texas.

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Care Delivered Where You Need It

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine lets you stay in close contact with your provider even when you can’t come to the office in person. It involves remote visits with phone calls, video calls, and text and email messaging through the practice’s secure online patient portal. Our physicians are licensed in more than 15 major US states.


What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Telemedicine at ATX Wellness Co. offers many benefits, including:

-Improved access 

Telemedicine gives you better access and more control over your health care. As a concierge medicine member at ATX Wellness Co., you can use telemedicine for your appointments when it’s more convenient.

If you’re out of town or have other obligations, you can log on and meet with Dr. Riar from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. 

-More convenient care

Telemedicine is convenient. For example, you don’t have to sit in traffic or waste gas getting to and from the office. Telemedicine makes it easy to meet with Dr. Riar if you’re sick or injured. You don’t have to get out of bed or sit in a waiting room or get stuck in Austin traffic. Save time by talking to your team from home. 

-Less risk of exposure and more comfortable visits

Telemedicine reduces your exposure to others if you’re immunocompromised or sick with an infectious illness.

And, since you’re often in your home environment during telemedicine visits, you’re less likely to feel anxious or uncomfortable like you might be during an in-person visit. This results in a more accurate assessment of baseline health and overall function for many people. 


How can I use telemedicine?

You can use telemedicine for many purposes at ATX Wellness Co. Remote visits can replace office visits for:


You can use telemedicine for treatment consultations. This allows Dr. Riar to review your medical history and discuss your specific goals from afar. 

-Urgent/Sick visits

Some urgent or sick visits can be conducted via telemedicine. Our physicians at ATX Wellness Co. reserve the right to determine if your healthcare concerns are suitable for a telemedicine visit.


Follow-up visits happen shortly after tests and treatments. They allow you to update Dr. Riar on your progress and present an opportunity to ask questions, review test results, and optimize health goals. 

-Specialist care coordination

Dr. Riar is a board certified internal medicine physician who diagnoses and treats most health problems. She can also coordinate your care with your specialists, if needed, to provide more a personalized experience. 

-Home visits

One home visit is provided to all the members of ATX Wellness Co. membership plan. 

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