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Concierge Medicine, Facial Esthetics, and Weight Management in Austin, TX

ATX Wellness Co.

ATX Wellness Co.

Redefining care by integrating medicine and dentistry

ATX Wellness Co provides integrative medical and dental care to the residents in Austin, Texas. Dr Jasneet Riar and Dr Kirpal Toor’s team work collaboratively to provide holistic care on your time in one convenient location.  The Team is reinventing exceptional healthcare by providing a relaxing environment where your health goals are prioritized and your doctor spends time evaluating the root cause of your ailments. 

A membership at ATX Wellness Co. provides you a wide variety of professional services. The team assesses your health needs and curates a personalized in-house health plan. We recognize one size does not fit all, we also have a separate option to use your medical insurance. We accept 4 medical insurances and you can call us to learn more.

You will have timely access to dental and medical care that includes urgent care, sick visits, chronic disease management, telemedicine, house visits, coordinating care with specialists, weight care management tools, & aesthetic services like Botox®, dermal fillers, teeth whitening and dental care.

ATX Wellness Co. in partnership with the dental clinic helps patients prioritize their oral and overall health. All medical & dental appointments prioritize disease prevention and patient education. 

Call ATX Wellness Co. or schedule a visit online to explore the benefits of concierge care today.

Where Medicine & Dentistry Meets Hospitality
We realize that everyone is different and quality primary care should be flexible enough to accommodate those differences. With our practice, you can use your traditional insurance or not. We provider a variety of membership models to meet your unique needs. 
Membership Model
integrated medical and dental plan

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Dental Care
(value over $2000)
Interdisciplinary Medical & Dental Care 

● Two dental hygiene cleanings a year ( in absence of periodontal disease)
● Full set of X-rays Dental wellness scan
● Two dental exams a yearOne emergency exam a year
● One Teeth whitening penOne Dental ● Laser Gum therapy
● Oral cancer screenings
20% OFF UCR fees for major and minor services

Primary Care for Adults
Small team of doctors who know you personally and emphasize your wellness and preventative goals

● Take your doctor with you.
● We are licensed in up to 15 major US states
● Priority scheduling
● Wellness assessment
● Longer visits
● Access to patient portal
● Advocacy when coordinating your care with your specialists
● Cost transparency
*option for children coming soon

Virtual Care & House Visits

● Same day/Next day telemedicine visits
● Acute visit
● Chronic visits, weight care management follow-up, botox/dermal filler consults.
● Up to to one house visits/year
● Patient Portal to access your health information & message your team
● Availability via text, phone, video & email with your team

Weight Management
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Your Physician will listen to your health goals and formulate a recommendation for you

● Weight Care management tools (value over $1500)
● Bluetooth Weighing scale
● Meal plans
● Body fat percentage assessment
● Physician-assisted coaching & medications*

Botox & fillers discounts 
(value over $2500)
Physician administered neuromodulators & Dermal Filler to achieve your esthetic and pain goals

● Botulinum Toxin (value over $700) $10/unit(regular price $15/unit) ● Dermal Fillers (value over $500)$150 off Dermal filler injections ● Doctor administered local anesthetic block for lip fillers is included (value of $175) ● Monthly specials on other med spa procedures
* Coordinated, Personalized Care
* Priority Scheduling, On-Time Visits
* VIP Access To All Special Offerings
Standard Plan
Please call our office so we can customize the plan to your unique needs

Premium Plan
Please call our office so we can customize the plan to your unique needs

* Business: If you have any questions about our insurance or our pricing, please call our office to see how we can best serve you.
Why Dr. Jasneet Riar?
Former director of Primary Care for one of the largest Outpatient FQHC systems in Texas. 

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